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in a perfect world there would be no need for mirrors
because every girl would have a guy to tell them they're
b e a u t i f u l </3
don't find love ; let love find you
thats why it's called falling in love
you dont force yourself to fall
y o u . j u s t . d o
you have this amazing ability
to make me go weak in the knees
your smile is the only thing that brightens up my day
the cutest thing a guy can wear is his s.m.i.l.e.
The best kind of kiss is the unexpected, unplanned ones;; the ones that come naturally, like in the middle of a sentence <3
True love is when you miss him even before he leaves..

when I am with you, I really wish time had broken wings.

so let's leave all the windows open tonight
leave us no choice but to cuddle close
and cut off all the lights for a while &
kiss me like you'll never see me again. <3

&& finally when everything you
want is basically handed to you it's
almost as if you were afraid to take it

love is too strong of a word to
be said too early but it has too
beautiful of a meaning to be said too late

when you say I love you I say "I love you too" but what I'm really saying is "never stop saying that."

listen, I know I may fuck up at times
and that I may hurt you
but please know that I love you and as long as
you keep loving me, I will never let you down

and after all, you're my wonderwall.

the closeness of your skin, the smell of this place, makes me go insane.

like always the touch of yours is like no other.

sunshine, you're the best i ever, ever had....

is this a dream?
if it is
please don't wake me from this high
I've become comfortably numb
until you opened up my eyes
to what it's like
when everything's right

lying under this spell you cast on me, each moment the more I love you

it happens
in an instant
i'll be sitting or standing
or walking.
or talking.
i'll be thinking about something.
nothing at all.
but then,
there you will be.
racing through my mind.
making my heart race
the very thought of you
in an instant
makes me glow.

I wanna be the reason for the smile on your face .. <3
he makes me melt
like a popsicle on the
4th of July .<x3
no matter how UGLY you think you are,
that special person that loves you believes
you are the most beautiful and irresistable
thing on the earth & nothing can ever
change that
she wants you to know
she loves the way you laugh
& your stupid dumb smile
that has her falling head over heals
I have no idea what you did to make me fall for you, but what ever it was,
[it worked]
everyone says why, why him. I dont understand. but I dont want them to understand because if they did then they'd love him too.

&.& I get jealous for anyone who's ever hugged you because for those few seconds they were holding my enitre world

after that one moment, it seemed like everything was

so as we layed down there on the street
holding hands,
you made all my worries
go away
and made me have
in my stomach

a boy and a girl can be just friends but eventually one of them will fall for the other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late or maybe, just maybe...forever

Its funny how its been over a year and whenever someone says ur name - -my head still turns and my heart still beats

he was the first guy I was nervous to call
he was the first guy I ever went on a date with
the first guy I truly held hands with
the first guy I would stay on the phone for hours to
he was my first true boyfriend
he was my first, second, and third kiss
he was my first everything
and lets face it, he still is..

no camera could ever capture the
look in her eyes and the feeling in
her heart when she looks at him
and I’m feeling nervous
trying to be so perfect
because I know you're worth it
when I’m around y o u i cant even
get my . . w o r d s o u t r i g h t
I guess the best part of being with you is that you don't judge me. I can wake up in the morning-- hair a mess. no make up on and you still tell me im the most beautiful thing you've ever seen
the smile in your eyes, made some of the lies worth believing.
oohh && i was so good at loving you <3
I know its crazy to think this way
when you dont want me to
but theres nothing i would rather do
than waste my time with you
I'd live for your smile and die for your kiss
and I just wanna stay with you
in this moment forever, forever and ever
you can't change me why would you try?
I'm no angel but I can make you smile
I’d make a wish on a star but you already came true…<3
all of my smiles were for you…=)
my heart must have painted those rainbows shining before my eyes.

that's why it's called falling in love...
because you don't force yourself to fall...
you just do...

I find that in your arms, I feel safe.
I find that in your mind, I feel wanted.
I find that in your eyes, I feel me.
I find that in your heart, I feel love.

When you hug so tightly you can barely breathe, it's merely your hearts trying to touch.

…and I bet she doesn’t love you like I do.

*I wish I may…*I wish I might…
*you’re the wish…*I wish tonight.

I don`t think you realize how
easily you make me smile </3

Love is love. Teenagers are as capable of being in love as adults are, perhaps even more so.

I love you
so simple ; so true

we belong together <3

hold you never let go
kiss it was the first
be mine...and never leave my side

even though I no longer have your'll always have mine..<3

you can tell if you will be with him for a long time after that very first kiss.

Love can tear and rip you apart, but if you're very lucky, it can put you back together.

love can never just fade away..they will always have a place in your heart,
even if you don't want them to...<33




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