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there was a reason for why you broke my heart,
there's a reason for why you laughed when I cried,
but there is no reason for why i still love you after all that pain.
take a hear the applause?
my heart is broken and you're the cause..
I played your game and you won..
congratulations. Hope you had fun.
the song i wrote, it was for you.
to live inside of me, i'm
inside you
falling in love for the first time is easy. it's the second time around,
after you had fallen & trusted that someone would catch you and
they didnt, when it becomes difficult to let yourself fall in love again

I just figured if my heart stopped
beating, it wouldnt hurt as much.

he said, "I'll love you till you die"
then he shot the bullet right through
her broken heart
. </3

and suddenly I`m hating myself
for everything I`ve ever felt for you!

By telling someone you love them you're giving them the easiest weapon to hurt you..

would you catch me if I was falling,
broken to pieces on the floor?
would you save me if I was dying,
from a stolen heart you tore?

&& tell me your sorry with a straight face

now that you're gone I'll wake up everyday wishing I was dead, and put on my 'happy face' to go out and lie to the world.

I'm trying really hard not to cry over you because every tear is just another reminder of how I don't know how to let you go...

-my tears fall for the one who said he would never make me cry.

you broke my heart into a thousand tiny pieces... but each and every one of those pieces still loves you, and I really don’t know why.

love taught me to lie <3

so heres to teenage romance & never knowing why it hurts like hell.

its taking every ounce of strength to not run up to you and tell you how badly I need you...

just once I wish I could be the girl who keeps you up at night <.3

if I'm just gonna be [another] name in your book do me a favor and cross me out </3

sometimes you forgive someone just because you want them in your life

when I think of you, I wonder if you ever think of me...</3

you're my tornado..
&& I'm your disaster

&& you're the jerk who made me trip every step i took

everything looks perfect...far away

this is my romantic love scene;;
so baby, act like you love me

you're not my usual type,
but thats okay.
because the usual type,
breaks my heart.

and its fucked up, but at the same time, it just made me want you even worse

I cant look you in the eye anymore
because i no longer know who's
l o o k i n g b a c k.

you caught me only to drop me <x3

Why do girls always run from the guys who try to make them happy but fight for the ones - - who make them cry. . <|3

&&& her eyes screamed the saddest apology...//

you take a piece of me with you everytime you say goodbye

I wish I could just walk away && never look back

little did I know, that you were just another dead end road..paved with pretty lies
and broken dreams...

I hide a broken heart behind a laughing face
and even though I said I'm over you, no-one will ever take your place..

my heart never lets me forget that I'm still waiting for you

and though my heart can't take no more
I keep running back to you...

go ahead and kiss her & make sure you do it right while I'm looking

'single' ,she writes in her profile, but as she writes it, tears stream down her face </3

say that I'm young -- say that I'll get over him.. go ahead, say it. go ahead and lie.

I care so much I feel,
that my whole insides,
have s.h.a.t.t.e.r.e.d.

but when this is over and done with
and we walk away there should be no doubts<33

crushes you'll get over
&& the tears will go away,
but loving you is different;
the tears will always stay

I want to hold on but it hurts so bad
&& I can't keep something that I never had

It's like were more than friends...
but less than lovers

It gets hard to trust anyone
when everyone you've ever
opened your heart to,
let you down

Kill me, I begged...
&& love said no.

you never leave someone behind...
you take a part of them with you
&& leave a part of yourself behind.

&& every time I talk to you
I fall a little harder

I looked at the stars. Closed my eyes. And wasted another wish on you.



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