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About Me
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hey, Smudge -- yeah that's my name before you ask...(okay nickname but still..I kinda like it =)) I think music is life and I love my friends more than anything. i don't know what I'd do without them. I'm pretty small with long dark brown hair and black eyes. I'm into the whole punk genre, the music and shit..I think it's fab. I'm straight *whispers - but it wouldn't bother me if you weren't* and I'm in high school at the moment. i'm currently studying for mocks and I'm really looking forward to it..not! But education's important rite? or so they tell me..anyway that's pretty much it I think so enjoy!

Peace Out



I love all punk, emo, rock, classic rock, screamo, metal, hardcore and alternative music as well as other genres like it.

Other Stuff

Music isn't my only interest, I do have others even though music = life. I love going out with my friends, band nights and concerts, Space and stars and planets and stuff, dancing and singing, Taekwondo, drawing, reading and writing poems. I also love shopping...even though I don't shop much >hehe< I love talking on the phone and chatting on msn, I also like updating sites and weblogs and things..(yeah I know I'm sad..) There's soo much I love to do but I can't think of it right now so it's good!